Group Trips

A nice change of pace for your group would be to attend events hosted by other secular groups.  Search online for seminars, rallies, festivals, or conferences that your members might be interested in and plan a field trip!


600_60377192Probably the most memorable trip for me personally was attending the 2012 Reason Rally in Washington D.C. with two other members who are now some of my closest friends.  We stood in the rain that day at the rally with 20,000 other seculars, met several of the speakers, froze our butts off, and got lost trying to find the restaurant for an “after party.”  We all had a great time.

600_104878532 600_104879452 600_104882002

600_104882132 600_104882242 600_104808752

600_104884842 600_104894302


Another event we attended was Skeptrack at DragonCon in Atlanta.  Skeptrack is a four day skeptics’ conference embedded within DragonCon, one of the largest sci-fi conventions in the world.  Skeptics and freethinkers go together quite well, since they both rely on logic, reason and evidence in conducting their lives.  We were able to meet D.J. Grothe, Phil Plait, Margaret Downey, Eugenie Scott, and Rebecca Watson.  And I snuck a picture of Star Trek icon, William Shatner.

600_54832352 600_54832922 600_54835542 600_54834532



600_47621971It’s a great idea to support other local secular groups in your area and attend their events.  Often times, we would drive up to Atlanta to attend an event sponsored by the Atlanta Freethought Society.  It’s a great way to network and meet other secular people in your area.

 600_102438362 600_102446152
 600_102447422 600_102445232 600_102439462
Fayette Freethought Society members attending Fayette County Earth Day Festival (April 2012)



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