Community Service

FFS sign (2)One of the goals of Fayette Freethought Society was to be a positive, and visible, force within our local community in Georgia and community service was an important aspect of our group.  In 2010, I contacted the Georgia Department of Transportation in order to adopt the 1-mile stretch of highway that runs through the center of Peachtree City.  GDOT accepted our application and erected an “Adopt-a-Highway” sign for us and we began cleaning up that stretch of road quarterly, every year.  I also contacted a local volunteer group that publishes an online newsletter and let them know that we were doing this and invited the community to come out and join us in keeping our town center beautiful and trash-free.  Here is a link to the article they wrote about us:  “Going Green”


fbb3We had so many compassionate and kind-hearted members in our group and when we became more involved in volunteering, I thought it would be great to let the public know about our member involvement in our local community.  So often people think that it’s impossible to be “good without god” and this just isn’t true.  One of our members stood out as one of those special people who always wanted to do good, volunteer, donate blood, walk shelter dogs, help another member move (us).  I contacted Foundation Beyond Belief and we became a partner with them and it was a great way to talk about those special volunteers.  If you manage a group, make sure you recognize those members who do good deeds for your local community and fellow members: Foundation Beyond Belief – John Lawther


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