How to Survive as an Atheist in the Deep South

Start a Meetup group! 

When we landed in Fayette County, Georgia in 2003, we arrived as ourselves: 1) liberal Christians  2) progressive-minded.  When we moved out of Georgia in 2012, we left as devout atheists.  After several years of trying to find our like-minded “tribe” of liberal-minded people, I purchased a Meetup site and began to find others who were also looking for a community of secular people and so began the Fayette Freethought Society.  With the help of other members, our group grew to over 200 people from 2010 to 2015 and spawned other secular groups within the geographical area.  Since moving back to Colorado, I decided to cancel the Meetup site and start this blog in order to archive all of the pictures, events and the history of the group in order for others, who may be struggling in their community, to learn how to start their own group, know some of the pitfalls I encountered, and share some of the things I learned about “coming out” as an atheist in a right-wing, Christian community in the south.






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